Theingi - Fragrance Rice (Special)

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Product Details

Product Name : Theingi - Fragrance Rice (Special)
Category : Agriculture Products
Sub Category : Rice
Min Production : 5
Max Production : 10000
Product Stock : In Stock
Company Details

Company Name : Theingi Rice
Company Address : C 31 , Yoke Pyo Street , Shwe Bo Inrustrial Zone , Sagaing Regin , Myanmar
Company Description : Agribusiness
Company Phone : 0933660088
Product Descriptions

    3 Size

  • 24 Pyi / 108 lb - Packaging
  • 12 Pyi / 54 lb - Packaging
  • 6 Pyi /27 lb - Packaging

    To ensure that all the rice produced by Theingi has high nutritional value, unnecessary over polishing of rice to become white is minimized and special are is taken in processing not to lose the nutrients naturally contained in rice. Not only the rice produced by Theingi is highly nutritious, it can stored for a long time without reducing the quality because moisture meters are systematically used in the manufacturing process. Since only the freshly milled rice is distributed and sold in the market, sweet fragrance can be enjoyed when it is cooked.